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About us

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Like many stories, Fiorentini's story begins with a happy coincidence ...


1944. Italy is, then, a prey of wars and internal conflicts. In the heart of World War II, in a small Tuscan village, a girl creates hot chocolate for her children, using the few ingredients available during this period.


They loved him. So much so that it became a passion that accompanied them throughout their lives, improving over time the recipe and their skills. Teresa Fiorentini, said "Nonna Teresina", will transmit her passion to her grandchildren, sharing with them the secret of a perfect "Cioccolata Calda".


After years of tradition in the hot chocolate and Gelato industry, his great-grandson moved to Chile to follow the tradition and established in 2015 the company that we know today as Fiorentini, in memory of Nonna Teresita.

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Coffee Shop Products

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At Fiorentini, we share our passion through our products. Hot chocs, Ice Teas, Granita, Toppings... each one of them reflect our history, our identity.

Our range of flavours and unique supplies for Coffee Shop invite you in a travel to Tuscany as well as the wild Latin America. 


We archived to take the best of that two regions, and offer it to you.


We are authentics. 

Ice -Cream Products 

handmade ice cream scoop

At Fiorentini, we respect the tradition of our ancestors. This tradition is transmitted in first place through our Italian Gelato, thanks to our supplies for Ice-Cream Shops. 


We´ve chosen our raw materials with great care, in order to offer to our customers the best quality possible. Furthermore, thanks to our R&D department, we´ve archieved to take advantage of the richesses of the Latin American Region and develop unique flavours.

We are authentics. 

Pastry Products

Fiorella pistachio cream

Because we also are Chefs, we share your passion for bakery. We know that the raw materials quality is essential. That is why we are offering to you the very bests in the market. Directly from Italy, we choose our suppliers with great care.

We are authentics.

Stamps Free

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Lactose Free

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Sugar Free

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Gluten Free



Our certifications

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