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Prodotti fatti con Amore Italiano

Fiorentini is a company located in

Santiago de Chile that is dedicated to the production and merchandising of

powder products for

ice cream and coffee sector.

The name of the company comes from

the surname of our beloved grandmother and, besides our origin,

reflects the culture,
Italian knowledge and

all the love we put
in each product.

Our bet is on the products
of the highest quality, and we converted this
in our best business attribute.



we only use the best ingredients

We offer a complete range of products:
both for summer season
- bases of soft ice cream, artisan, granite, etc. -
as well as innovative alternatives for the coffee shop
during the winter time
- smoothies, cold coffee cream, hot chocolates
and milk shakes.

One of the innovations brought by

Fiorentini's chocolate,
apart from the quality of the ingredients

that are used for its production,

is the "Italian" design with Chilean touch of the flavours,

ranging from chocolate sweetened with Stevia

to Maqui flavour that includes real pieces
of lyophilized Chilean fruit,

changing the texture of the experience.

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“The best ingredients together with
the Italian Passion

- Fiorentini -


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Calle Villarrica # 322,

Bodega 8 B, Quilicura, 

Santiago de Chile


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267, Settlement road, Thomastown VIC 3074 Tel: 03-9465 6713

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